Speaker Bio

Frank Iezzi

Frank Iezzi

President, Circon Environmental

Frank Iezzi is an experienced business leader that has successfully managed several Private Equity backed companies over the last 15 years.  In late 2017, Frank was appointed CEO of STC Industrial and in a recent July 2019 merger of STC with Intergulf Corporation, he was appointed to the CEO’s position of the newly merged company branded as CIRCON Environmental.   CIRCON Environmental is headquartered in LaPorte TX and operates six facilities located in the Gulf Coast and Mid-West.    Prior to his recent entry into the waste industry, Frank was the CEO of a consumer pet products company, as well as the CEO of a manufacturer and supplier of a key raw material to major consumer products companies with a global client base.   Today, Frank is responsible for both leading the effort at CIRCON to identify and create and realize growth coupled with guiding CIRCON Environmental in its future investment in both existing facilities and future acquisitions to build sustainable value.  Frank is a graduate of McMaster University in Canada and currently resides in Savannah GA.     


Understanding Business Valuation

November 19 @ 9:15 AM